• About Us

    Tidal Energy Pty Ltd was established in 1999 by Aaron Davidson and Craig Hill, to research and develop a new generation of water turbines, to maximize turbine efficiency, cost-effectiveness, simplicity with low environmental impact...
  • The Davidson-Hill

    Confirmed by peer reviews the Davidson-Hill Venturi shroud increased the power of the same turbine by 3.84 times when placed in the venturi shroud proving the controversial limit Betz Law (59.29%) does not apply to a venturi shrouded turbine.

  • Performance

    At the heart of any decision to deploy a water-current turbine for commercial power generation, is the performance of the turbine, which translates directly into return on investment.

  • Book Tidal Energy

    In October 2003, Tidal Energy Pty Limited (TE) achieved the world record result of the highest efficiency, 384%, (compared to an open turbine in free stream) ever achieved from a hydraulic turbine.